Kamal Mijar

Mr. Kamal Mizar, a resident of Kavre Bhanjyang, Dhulikhel Municipality, Kavrepalanchok District, Ward No. 9, is a well-educated young man who is economically disadvantaged. But time is not always helpful. Just married, with a small daughter in his arms, the only happy son of supportive and hardworking parents, both kidneys have failed.

Aged parents, Beautiful young wife and newborn daughter are dying on one side, but the other side the energetic son, energetic husband and energetic father of the family is on the brink of death today. Therefore, according to Kamal Mizar's request, this organization also collected $1,650 as requested by the US-based Kavreli family and went to his residence and handover Nepali Rupees 2,05,000. 00 to him completed.

On Jeshta 21st, 2079 (June 4, 2022, Saturday) accordingly handed over to Mr. Kamal Mizar in the presence of the President and Secretary of the organization.