About Us

Kavrepalanchok America Welfare Society New York - 2019 is a philanthropic organization founded in New York State by dignitaries from the United States of America who migrated from Nepal to United State of America mainly in New York from any status. Its scope of work and service is to work together for all victims of any humanitarian, environmental, biological or geographical situation in either the United States or Nepal, as specified by the Division of Social Justice Charities Bureau of New York. The organization addresses the need of First Kavreli, secondly any Nepali, and thirdly any nationality who are suffering from any kind of problem

Our Mission

"We continue the proud tradition of our society, wherever we are, a unique example of mutual support and brotherhood. This is the pledge Kavrepalanchok America Welfare Society - 2019".

Our Objective

We welcome any interested individuals and organizations who share our core values and interested in working together.