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Welcome to Kavrepalanchok America Welfare Society New York (KAWSN), a non-profit organization established in December 2019 by Nepali expatriates hailing from Kavrepalanchok. Building upon years of community engagement dating back to 2015, KAWSN was founded to formalize and expand our commitment to serving the needs of our fellow Nepali diaspora in New York, USA. Rooted in the principles of solidarity and mutual support, our organization strives to promote welfare and unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our scope of work, endorsed by the Division of Social Justice Charities Bureau of New York, encompasses humanitarian, environmental, biological, and geographical concerns affecting both the United States and Nepal. We prioritize assisting the First Kavreli, followed by any Nepali, and extending our aid to individuals of any nationality facing hardships. Join us as we work together to create a more resilient and supportive community for all.