To provide assistance in case of death. According to our original practice, in such a situation, it is our social responsibility / duty to collectively play the role of Guthiyar from the neighbors / families living in the same place. We sincerely request everyone to contribute. 51.00 per family.  Collection amount from the following Guthiyar handover to Mis LAXMI BHANDARI due to her mother-in-law (HEM KUMARI RANA) dath on April 21,2020 BY CASH


DIPESH KUNWAR due to Covid-19, who has been studying in Texas, USA for the past 4 years, has been facing problems and wants to return to Nepal. Need 2000 to send him Nepal safely. So collected cash on June 22,2020 from the following way by cash and expend


RAM SUNDAR RAMTEL (Married 18-month-old infant daughter) his phone number is 977-9818180411 of Kavre Nepal. He is currently undergoing treatment at Bir Hospital Kathmandeu Nepal for cancer in his leg but due to his very poor financial condition collecting following way cash and sent Nepal for his Treatment by cash on November 12, 2020

Kamal Mijar

Mr. Kamal Mizar, a resident of Kavre Bhanjyang, Dhulikhel Municipality, Kavrepalanchok District, Ward No. 9, is a well-educated young man who is economically disadvantaged. But time is not always helpful. Just married, with a small daughter in his arms, the only happy son of supportive and hardworking parents, both kidneys have failed.

Aged parents, Beautiful young wife and newborn daughter are dying on one side, but the other side the energetic son, energetic husband and energetic father of the family is on the brink of death today. Therefore, according to Kamal Mizar's request, this organization also collected $1,650 as requested by the US-based Kavreli family and went to his residence and handover Nepali Rupees 2,05,000. 00 to him completed.

On Jeshta 21st, 2079 (June 4, 2022, Saturday) accordingly handed over to Mr. Kamal Mizar in the presence of the President and Secretary of the organization.


Earthquake Relife Support


The Nepal Red Cross Society Kavre Branch has been recognized as a crucial partner in the relief efforts, particularly in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Baisakh 12, 2072 (April 25, 2015). Immediate aid and support were provided to the earthquake victims, underscoring the collaborative efforts of the Kavrepalanchok American Welfare Society New York (KAWSN). The response to this crisis included donations initiated by US-based Kavreli Families, which resulted in raising funds amounting to $10,133.00.

Support to Bhushan Pariyar and Anamika Magrati

Bhushan Pariyar, an 8-year-old child battling blood cancer, and Anamika Magrati, a 5-year-old child diagnosed with thalassemia ambiguous blood cells since birth, were among those who received support. This assistance was extended to families in need within the Kavre community, with 44 Kavreli families actively participating in the program by December 20, 2022. Together, they contributed to this cause, raising a total of $3035.00 in funds.



KDAEF DEFT has been identified as the recipient of support for their Deaf school. The assistance provided focuses on facilitating sign language training and vocal analysis programs tailored for the deaf community.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Education and Screening Camp

The NACFF/NNCTR has been designated as the recipient for support aimed at facilitating cervical cancer prevention education and screening camp initiatives. Their role involves providing assistance for organizing and conducting these screening camps, which are crucial for early detection and prevention efforts against cervical cancer.